Q&A: Zak Bagans


Step into the mind of Zak Bagans, or better yet, step inside The Haunted Museum, filled with his personal collection of haunted artifacts and oddities. The star of the hit reality show, Ghost Adventures, recently opened the museum—which is the historic Wengert Mansion—and now lets visitors take guided tours through room after room filled with…

Exploring Las Vegas’ Scariest New Attraction


Let’s start here: As a journalist, I’m a professional skeptic. I don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, vibrations, crystal energies, cursed objects or any of that hokum. It would also be the height of arrogance, however, to claim some omniscient knowledge of the universe’s mysteries. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet says, “There’s more things in heaven and earth…

Take Heed Before Entering


Zak Bagans, the host of “Ghost Adventures” from the Travel Channel, is known for collecting some of the world’s most haunted objects. And starting October 2, he’ll share some of his findings inside his Haunted Museum near Charleston Boulevard and 6th Street. Read More